Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

get a residence permit and then permanent residence is an excellent choice, Ukraine is a European state!

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

full range of legal and advocate support.

Residence permit in Ukraine

 an excellent choice to study, work, meet and get married, get permanent residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine in accordance with the law and your situation — an excellent choice.
Ukraine is a modern European state with an excellent climate and loyal laws, an excellent choice for temporary and permanent residence, work, study and getting residence permit of Ukraine is not difficult.

Obtaining a residence permit

in Ukraine is not difficult if you receive legal services.

Residence permit price

of the question — depends on your situation, your documents, therefore everything is discussed at the meeting

Consultation of a lawyer on migration issues

to help you! Save time, money and nerves, otherwise you will do everything for a long time and redo

Migration lawyer services

how to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine — through education, through employment, through marriage or other grounds — everything is professional, personal selection during consultation.

Get a residence permit

 in Ukraine it’s not difficult if you do everything professionally in our company:
— A temporary residence permit — we will issue a residence permit according to wishes
— Residence permit extension — extend the residence permit, issue a new residence permit on the basis of new circumstances, if necessary
— Residence permit restoration — we will restore the residence permit, make a new residence permit.
— Residence permit disputes, proceedings — is there a problem? Call, a migration lawyer to help you.
— Change your residence permit temporary to permanent — we will do everything in the best possible way quickly and inexpensively!
For all these questions, please contact:
migration lawyer:

Get a TIN, make a TIN, TIN for a foreigner — no problem, we’ll do it quickly, clearly and inexpensively, migration lawyer in the know how to make a TIN, How to get a TIN for a foreigner without problems. Without a TIN to a foreigner in Ukraine, all doors are closed. We make a TIN to a foreigner quickly, urgently, clearly and inexpensively. Order a TIN to a foreigner and get it urgently, quickly — this is with us. Phone +38 (068) 128-18-18 .
How to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine quickly, urgently and without any problems losing your nerves and health — come, Migration lawyer will help you apply for Residence Permit, Permanent Residence, extension of stay in Ukraine , marriage with a foreigner quickly, urgently, not expensively and without problems, call, tell, help, do.
How to marry a foreigner in Ukraine and apply for a residence permit on the basis of marriage quickly, urgently and red tape and troubles — knows lawyer , will do, help arrange marriage with a foreigner, marriage contract with a foreigner, residence permit on the basis of marriage , we draw up, you enjoy !!!
How to arrange a marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine with further obtaining Residence Permit, Permanent Residence , citizenship and not bother, “not to get in” and “not to fly over” and not “fly into trouble” — consult, counseling of a lawyer on migration issues is better before marriage or during the procedure for marriage with a foreigner, but if you do not have time, then later, we will correct it.
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage is the easiest way to obtain a residence permit, but there can be difficulties for both the groom and the bride both before marriage, and especially after marriage, when everything personal becomes common. THINK and CONSULT BEFORE MARRIAGE, then it may be too late.
How to extend your stay in Ukraine for foreigners and what to do if you missed your stay in Ukraine — consultation, immigration lawyer knows how extend your stay in Ukraine and what to do if missed, your stay in Ukraine has been exceeded call Phone +38 (068) 128-18-18